Name: Larissa dos Santos Alves
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 17/08/2016

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Paulo Rogério Meira Menandro Advisor *

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Adriano Roberto Afonso do Nascimento External Examiner *
Paulo Rogério Meira Menandro Advisor *
Rebeca Valadão Bussinger External Examiner *

Summary: Alves, L. S (2016). “It is not an option, it comes, it was born in the person.” Perceptions of prejudice in elderly male homosexuals in the context of family, work and friendship. Master Thesis, Graduate Program in Psychology, Federal University of Espirito Santo. Vitória, ES.
The aim of this study was to investigate how elderly male homosexuals interpreted and conducted themselves in situations which they perceived prejudice against them. Six gentlemen, contacted from the "snowball" technique, were interviewed after the signing of the Term of Consent. For data collection it was used semi-structured interviews supported in script containing socio-demographic issues and open questions talking about possible situations of prejudice and discrimination, and also the strategies used by the participants to deal with the occasions on which they believe they have been discriminated against in their family relationships, school, loving, professional, leisure time and social interaction, including any stage of their lives. The answers provided were the subject of an examination performed with the use of the technique of categorical content analysis. All participants said that from a young age realized they were attracted to people of the same sex, which was always valued by them as inappropriate, it generated fear and was never revealed to the family. It was reported a variety of episodes of prejudice. The current situation is assessed as better than the previous times. Several points of the reports show that participants have developed in a permanent condition of insecurity, which makes up an interfering aspect in the formation of their identity. Such insecurity is revealed when they talk about their preference for activities that are less exposed and they also recognize their limitations to freely move between all social spaces.
Keywords: prejudice, homosexuality, aging.

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