Name: Mario Cesar Carvalho de Moura Candido
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 28/04/2016

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Maria Cristina Campello Lavrador Advisor *

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Leila Aparecida Domingues Machado Internal Examiner *
Luiz Antonio dos Santos Baptista External Examiner *
Maria Cristina Campello Lavrador Advisor *

Summary: This research approaches the everyday life of a therapeutical residence in Vitória-ES, which shelters people who have been subject to a long permanence in a psychiatric hospital. After years of isolation, the residents and their partners create common paths towards freedom, opening themselves to unknown social exchanges and also to the resistences against bopolitical investments over life. The experiences related to the research were registered in field notebooks, which inspired the production of small narratives that reinforce the struggles related to the psychiatric reform, interfering also
in the ways that life is carried out in the city. The results show the importance of care in mental health, which must be made considering ethical, estethical and political dimensions, reinforcing freedom, encounters and multiple forms of sociability, trying to push the boundaries that limit “madness” only to the field of “mental illness”,searching for fertile social exchanges that could dismantle such narrative. Thosereflections also aim to situate social practices in the context of a biopower that is put into practice at the urban space. That is thought to reinforce the possible resistences against power projects that seek to control and invalidate the political dimensions associated to the libertarian creation of different ways of living.
Keywords: Mental Health. Everyday life. City. Life.

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