Name: Gerson Carlos Rigoni Bonfá Junior
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 24/03/2020

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Davis Moreira Alvim Advisor *

Examining board:

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Davis Moreira Alvim Advisor *
Jésio Zamboni Internal Examiner *
Jorge Luiz Viesenteiner External Examiner *

Summary: This is a theoretical research that seeks to think about what is a process of singularization
or fulfillment of the plan of immanence in the language and subjectivity of man, as well
as to think of ethical criteria that guarantee healthy follow-up to this process. For this, we
use a conceptual repertoire that we articulate from the authors of the philosophy of
difference and post-structuralism, such as Nietzsche, Spinoza, Foucault, Deleuze,
Guattari, among others. This dissertation operates three conceptual movements: first, we
present the common world, how the ways of life are controlled by power in a sense of
transcendent individuation and the symptoms related to it; then we make a call for
desertion and resistance to these operations to capture power; and, finally, we seek to
think of safe ways for the immanent consistency of a free and powerful subjectivity.
Key-words: Subjectivity; Singularity; Immanence; Resistance

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