Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 30/07/2020

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Ana Lucia Coelho Heckert Advisor *

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Acácio Augusto Sebastião Junior Internal Examiner *
Ana Lucia Coelho Heckert Advisor *
Maria Elizabeth Barros de Barros Internal Examiner *
Paulo Edgar da Rocha Resende External Examiner *

Summary: This paper aimed at following students’ ways of participation as well as their
interferences on formation and management processes at Ifes - Campus Serra. The
campus offers professional and technological education in a city built up in the midst
of many popular fights and movements in the face of inequality, poverty and diverse
kinds of violence, processes experienced by its citizens on a regular basis. Thus we
propose to research the participation processes from the concept of participation as
the exercise of taking part in decision-making processes, both in a State level as well
as in our everyday life. The path of this work was taken from the intervention
research referential and happened through conversation weaves, during the year
2019, with: two members of social movements in Serra who have experienced urban
expansion in this town; students from Ifes, Campus Serra who, inspired by the
snowball technique, indicated other subjects; school workers. The research allowed
access to a wealth of participation movements and “moves” which take place out of
the formal students’ participation channels, even though they still happen on these
grounds. We highlight actions like the newspaper No Muro, The Student Guild Edson
Luís, the students’ actions at the Welcoming Project and the Cultural Party, for
instance, the play “Cinderello”. Finally, we conclude that these ways of participation
may interfere on formation and management processes at Ifes and put daily
practices - usually silenced at the school everyday life - into analysis.
Keywords: Students participation. Education. Public Policy.

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