Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 27/07/2020

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Alexsandro Rodrigues Advisor *

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Alexsandro Rodrigues Advisor *
Danilo Lima Carreiro External Alternate *
Davis Moreira Alvim Internal Alternate *
Djalma Türler External Examiner *
Jésio Zamboni Internal Examiner *

Summary: This trip was intended to discern the relationships created in encounters with drag queens. The
objectives of the adventure were to discuss how these encounters produce modes of
subjectivation and interact with the singularities of the drag artists. The trip was developed
through the whole of meetings between the traveler and friends-travelers with drag queens
Jhullyhanna Tereza, rey/reya3, Kiki Black Diamond, Mathilda and Cassandra Catu who
starred in events held in the region of Grande Vitória in Espírito Santo. The travels of the
adventure were made possible over the friendship policies built in the traveler's affection
regimes. Back in the time of university, the traveler was inspired by a fellow drag who
proposed the adventurer's body to walk amidst debates about gender, sex, sexuality, body and
artivisms. The trip took place in a procedural and timeless form by means of transfers. Ten
transfers with theoretical reflections, methodological discussions, stops and extracts from
field diaries composed the landscapes of this adventure. We venture into places such as:
Fluente Nightclub, Cultura Drag Seminar, Le Circo de La Drag play, Vila Velha LGBT+
Parade, 1st UFES Affirmative Policies Conference and Lacração Festival. During these
motions, we pay attention to the processes of subjectivity within the drag queens that violated
our thoughts and invited us to manufacture other bodies. The adventure made us notice the
drag performer’s artistic power in performing parodies of gender, political satires and
doubiousness in the norms amongst other types of power that drag artists create in their
productions. The singularities of the drag queens are produced in the overflowing, artistic and
political dimension of their desire to make it become explicit the artificialities and plasticities
of our bodies.
Keywords: drag queen, artivism, trip, traveling.

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